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why cant i get sign in to my game .that i was playing for the last year .and spent all my money on ??? . i do not want start all over !!!

Please make sure you used the correct email and selected the right server when you were logging into the game. If you still can't find your account in the game, please contact our Customer Service through send us a ticket (visit:!usercenter).
Note: please send us your nickname and which server via the ticket.

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Comment of Dylan Axisa:
Hello all! I used to play Batheo through my Facebook account ... used to be set up on S16 sometime and where shifted over to S15 if I'm not mistaken... Nickname was ChicoDee, if I'm not mistaken. I used to be a member of KOV - Knights of Valor. Would you be able to tell me on which server my account currently is? I used to be VIP 4 or 5. and I'd hate for all that to be lost.. :(
Added at: 2017-02-19 12:34

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