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[C] How to upgrade Card?

a. Basic Rules
Cards can be upgraded through absorbing the Exp of other Cards. The higher quality Cards can absorb the lower quality Cards. If the Cards are of the same quality (color), the higher level Cards will absorb the lower level Cards.
b. How to do it
For one Card to absorb the Exp of another, you have to drag one Card onto another. This process is called Merge. Drag the Card you would like to upgrade onto the one you can afford to lose. Press the Confirm button in the pop-out window, and then the merger will be completed. Please keep the above Basic Rules in mind while attempting Merging the Cards.
You can also click the Merge button on the bottom left corner of the Skill panel in Hero Hall to let the Cards sitting in the Card Bank merge automatically. This will undoubtedly save you a lot of clicks and drags. The one Card with the highest quality and level will eat all the other Cards and gain all of their Exp.
- P. S. You don't have to worry about any Exp loss during the merger, because it won't. The Exp of a Card will just get transferred and won't be wasted.

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