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Why VIP?

First, we would like to let you know that, in Batheo, whether you are a VIP or not, you can always find a way out to compete against other gamers. However, many gamers recommend VIP 4 for a better start and more rich experience in this game world. So herein we take VIP 4 as a sample for explaining the benefit of a VIP.
Once you are a VIP 4, you can buy your fifth training slot and fifth builder team, which obviously grant you stronger hero growth and faster building upgrade. And your hero can obtain Max. attributes by applying more effective Attribute Wash than non-VIP gamers. More than the above, you can better secure your success rate of Psyche Gauge at 100% for equipment enhancement, without wasting your Drachmas, which is being widely used and needed in Batheo for buying equipment, purchasing Crops, upgrading building, investment for Prestige or commissioning for advanced equipment as well.
After you are well prepared and armed, it is time for you to fight in Batheo for honor! And when you have used up your Divinity needed for expedition, you are allowed to buy more divinities as a VIP 4. If attack quota for Elite troops has been used up, you can apply Extra Attack with higher drop rate for advanced equipment.
The most amazing part of a VIP 4 is: You can instantly finish your Daily Quest. It is the only way to get the powerful purple book by completing Daily Quest!
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